House to consider banning baby bikes from Senate seats

A bill that would ban the sale of baby bikes to the Senate has been passed by the Upper House.

The bill, tabled in the Lower House by Senator Mike Baird, was passed by a vote of 78-37 on Tuesday.

Baird said the bill would make it a criminal offence for anyone to sell a baby bike to a person under the age of 12.

It also proposes that if a person is found guilty of selling a baby bicycle seat they could face up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Senator Baird said he would work with the Government to develop a national strategy to prevent young people buying and using baby bikes.

“This is a bill that is a great step forward, but I am sure there will be a lot of people who will feel that the legislation is overly harsh,” he said.

However, a spokesman for the Department of Transport said it was not considering whether to change the law, because there were already no child bicycle safety laws in place.

‘Criminalising parents’The Government has also decided to introduce legislation to ban the selling of baby bicycles to adults in public places.

A report commissioned by the Senate in June found that over half of Australians who bought baby bicycles over the past five years had no safety knowledge or experience of them.

While it found that more than a third of Australians believed the safety of a child’s bicycle was very or somewhat important, it said that many did not realise the legal requirements for buying and selling a bike.

Under the Government’s plan, a person would need to pass a test to be able to buy a baby helmet, and the rider would also need to have a safety training certificate.

They would also have to pay a fee of $15 to buy the helmet, but the government is not considering charging a fee for that.

This is part of a wider drive to crack down on child abuse and neglect, but Senator Baird said the Government was also taking action to ensure the safety and security of Australian children.

“We are not in favour of criminalising parents and children, we want to encourage them to have fun and get along in a safe and safe environment, and make sure that their kids are safe,” he told,ae.

In a separate development, the Government has confirmed it is considering introducing a new law to limit the amount of alcohol people can drink in a day.

Drinking age would be increased from 21 to 25.

For those aged under 16, the limit would be lowered from three to two litres per day, and for people aged over 16, it would be cut to two liters per day.

A new age of responsibility bill will also be introduced.

Labor has also proposed a new bill to allow people to get a free prescription drug, but has not decided if it will pass.

There is no word yet on whether the bill will pass the Senate.


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