The most expensive car in the world – BBC News

The most extravagant luxury car ever built – the Bentley Continental GTE – is a luxury item, a luxury that makes its way into cars around the world.

And the most expensive one in the history of luxury is, as it turns out, a Bentley.

A luxury Bentley is one of the rarest things in the modern world – and for a good reason.

Bentley’s first concept car, the Bentley 500, went on sale in 1968.

It was the first time the company had released a car with a convertible roof.

But by the end of the decade, Bentley had become a worldwide juggernaut.

Bentley became the world’s most valuable brand.

And now the carmaker is making another splash with its new Continental GT.

The luxury car is called the Continental GTO.

And it’s more expensive than anything else in the Bentley range, which is why we think it’s worth it.

Bentley is not the only carmaker to have made a splash with a car that costs a fortune.

Ford, for example, unveiled the Falcon 900, a $500,000 (£346,000) supercar.

And Audi sold a $1.6 million ($1.95 million) Aston Martin DB4.

But the GTO is Bentley’s biggest hit yet.

Bentley has sold more than 1.4 million GTs, and the company expects the next generation to be worth somewhere between $1 million (£1.1 million) and $1 billion (£1 billion).

This is the same range of GTs that the company sells in its flagship line, the Continental Sport.

The new GT is built around the 3.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged V8 engine, which produces a staggering 528bhp (326kW).

The engine, however, is not supercharged.

It’s the twin-turbocharged 3.5-litres.

Bentley uses the powertrain to propel the car from 0 to 60mph (0 to 120km/h).

The top speed is 155mph (217km/hr).

Bentley also uses a unique suspension setup to improve stability and cornering.

It has three different front-mounted suspension levels.

The first is called a “swaybar”, which lets the car travel in a wide, stable line and then follows the driver through a narrow, bumpy road.

The second is called “track bar”, which allows the car to follow the road but in a straight line.

And, finally, the third is called an “adjustable”, which helps the car stay level on the road.

Bentley claims that its steering and brakes are better than most cars, too.

It even uses some of the same technology as Mercedes-Benz, which has produced a slew of high-performance cars, including the V8-powered E-Class and the all-wheel-drive AMG Gran Coupe.

Bentley, too, says it has the most advanced suspension technology in the luxury car industry.

It also has a range of high quality, super-quiet engines, and it even uses a super-comfortable and lightweight carbon fibre roof.

And as well as being one of Bentley’s best-selling cars, it is the company’s most expensive.

It is now the third most expensive luxury car in history.

Bentley will sell the new GTO for $1,350,000 in the US and $2,350 in the UK.

The car was unveiled in London on Thursday.

Bentley says the GT is the “most luxurious luxury car available today”.

The GT has a 707bhp 3.3-litrewagt engine that delivers 528hp (346kW) and 430lb ft (315Nm) of torque. “

It is an exceptional, supercar design, engineered by the world-class team of designers who have built the best in design and technology.”

The GT has a 707bhp 3.3-litrewagt engine that delivers 528hp (346kW) and 430lb ft (315Nm) of torque.

It makes 430kW (270kW+) at 6,000rpm, which makes it a relatively low-slung, all-terrain car, too high to be a practical, daily driver.

Its 5-speed automatic gearbox makes the GT an instant speed-class driver.

The company says it is “the world’s first premium road-going sports car” and that its “world-leading technology and engineering” makes the car “a top performer in every way”.

Bentley has also launched a range with more conventional engines, which will make the GT a roadster for its customers.

The GT, like the rest of Bentley, is powered by an electric motor, but it is more powerful than the diesel engine in most other Bentley cars.

Its 6,500bhp electric motor can be paired with the 1,800lb ft of torque of the diesel unit for up to a combined 745lb ft.

The diesel engine is also less powerful than a gasoline motor and less responsive.

But it has less of a lag time between the motor

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