Toyota unveils ‘bumble’ baby seat covers

Toyota is launching a new baby seat cover for the upcoming Lexus NX, the carmaker announced.

The cover is called “bumble” and can be ordered online through Toyota’s website or at participating dealerships.

It is designed to provide additional support to newborns, with a flexible design that can be removed for comfort and convenience, as well as an integrated seatbelt and other safety features.

“Bumpers are designed to be the ultimate way to support the newborn while still allowing for comfort for the parent,” said Ken O’Neil, Toyota’s vice president of product marketing.

“We are proud to partner with a company who has embraced the concept of ‘bumbles’ and are confident they will have a lasting impact on infant safety and comfort.”

A baby seat with a bumpier seat cover, such as those sold by General Motors, can be uncomfortable for the baby due to the added pressure placed on the infant’s head.

Bumpering is a way to add support to a newborn.

The baby’s head is pushed back and its neck is slightly bent, making it easier for the head to absorb some of the force and head movements.

The baby is able to support its head, neck and torso in the cradle while still being able to breathe normally.

O’Neil said the bumpers have been designed to fit on all models of the NX.

Toyota has previously launched a similar baby seat for the Lexus ES, the Toyota Camry, the Lexis RX and other models.

The bumpers are currently only available on the NX’s Premium Package and in Japan.

For the US, the bumpering covers will be available starting in mid-February, according to Toyota.

For more news on technology, watch:O’Neill said the company was working on a baby seat cushion for the Toyota Highlander, and a bumpers for the Ford Focus.

“We’ve seen the growth of the market and the demand for our products, and we want to support them,” O’Neill told The Verge.

“Our strategy has always been to create innovative products that bring the benefits of our technologies and technologies to a broader audience.”

O’Neal said Toyota was not ruling out the possibility of creating additional bumpers, like the ones found on the Toyota RAV4.

Toyota previously unveiled the “Baby” RAV IV, which offers support for both newborns and older children.

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